Untitled by S. L. Wyllie.

It troubles me when I glimpse those
shrouds of darkness behind your eyes.
They take you to this desolate place
where you self-destruct and isolate.
I see the demons beneath the surface,
I see them waiting for the first chance,
to drag you under when you’re weakest.
How can I show you that I care?
That you’re not alone, that I’ll be there?
By your side, no matter how many,
Shadows and skeletons, because trust me
I’ve got plenty.
I know you’re hanging by a thread,
and that you want the pain to end,
One more inch and you might snap,
One more slip and you might crack.
Please don’t give in, give up, or quit,
eternal darkness and silence – it’s not worth it.
You are the light I didn’t know existed,
I can’t bear to think where I’d be instead,
or who I’d be without your friendship.
I wish I could chase away
the pain that fills your heart,
take away your hurt,
and erase your scars.
How can I show you that I care?
Because you’re no longer alone,
I will always be there.

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