Every part of me.

The pain you’ve inflicted,
Scars trail in your wake.
All that remains,
are tiny little pieces.
That don’t fit together
No matter which way arranged.

I can’t think,
I can’t breathe.
I’m suffocating,
I can’t escape.

This endless war
Of you against me.
This downward spiral,
I want to break free.
I’m caught up in your whirlwind
Of abuse and control.
Hurtful words and
roller coaster emotions,
I can’t take much more.

Why do you want to shatter
What’s left of me?
I’m already broken
That, I’m sure you see.

It’s not enough,
No, it’s never enough.
You take and take
Until there’s nothing left.
You take my mind
My heart and soul
You drain my spirit
Until I’m just a shell.

Second guessing
Always doubting
If you can’t have me
No one will.

No way out, there’s no way out.
I can’t escape.
Im already broken, I know you see.
It’s why you insist
on destroying
every part of me.

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