The World You See…

I participated in my final writing workshop in Toronto, (insert sad face), now I must find another… So here is one of the prompts we worked on tonight… It was taken from a poem called The World You See – and we were given the option of writing about Kindness, Forgiveness, or anywhere that particular poem took us. Ten minutes on the timer, and this is what I wrote…

The World You See…

Is different than mine, 
and his, and hers, and theirs.

You might see love, and laughter, and light
whilst they see crippling injustices. 

The World is seen through billions of eyes
each vision is better and worse than the last.

The World is hunger,
and pain, and hopelessness.

The World is kindness,
and beauty, and faith.

The World is death,
and war, and destruction.

The World is innocence,
and unconditional love.

The World you see is different
than mine,
and his, and hers, and theirs.

3 thoughts on “The World You See…

  1. I definitely see the injustices. And it shakes me to my core that gender and race still mean so much in this world. We are still so separated that people can be judged on things other than their merits. I agree that everyone sees a different world. (UNFORTUNATELY)

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