the flaw in my design

This is the second prompt from my final workshop… We were supposed to write about some kind of light that seeped through the cracks in our life, or something like that. Anyways, this is what I got!

My mind was guarded
by a fortress my heart built

Each stone selected
was strategically placed.

My walls stretched higher and wider
than a behemoth mountain range.
My shield was invincible
to the elements and assaults

Venomous words
would strike like weapons
They couldn’t pierce
or grind it down.


You peel back my armor
piece by piece
exposing the frightened
girl beneath.

I shake and shiver
as the extent of my scars
are displayed
to you.

One by one
you tear out my stitches,
and these old, forgotten wounds
crack and bleed.

Reminding me
The hurt is still there,
It will always be there.

Without my armor,
I am


I shatter as
I am
consumed by pain.


You linger despite glimpsing
the monstrosity beneath
my disfiguration
my scars

You try to patch me
with band-aids forged from a kindness
I know I don’t deserve
And try to heal my
fractured soul with encouragement
I know I haven’t earned.

I never realized
how desolated
how defeated
how broken
of a person I was…
I am.

My mind was guarded
by the fortress my heart built.

My loneliness was
the flaw in my design.


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